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Star MinecraftPS3Buds
need MinecraftPS3 or GTA V friends? :)

Group Founder: swtraven
Description: Friends for Survival, Creative, Flat-Land, anything goes except player kill player violence. Friends is the key word.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 16
Category: Games > Playstation 3

Topics (3)

go Network Errors? (0) swtraven
Has anyone else been having network errors while playing games online? Whenever we're playing online we get signed out due to a network error but our wifi connection is 100%

go GTA V (0) swtraven
Anyone need friends or wants to join a crew? :) my son's got a crew all set up, his specialty is get away driving

go Ur PSN (0) swtraven
Leave ur PSN here for friend requests.Add me at: Kitty_Raven

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